Bringing Industrial
Data to Life

Discover insights from your data in order to predict energy supply, manage a battery’s lifecycle, minimize equipment downtime or make energy environments smarter.

Discover insights faster
with Dat-uh

With billions upon billions of data points being generated by industrial companies, each data point has the power to change the way we do things—to predict energy supply, manage a battery’s lifecycle, minimize equipment downtime and make energy environments smarter.

Dat-uh empowers industrial companies around the world to quickly discover new insight into their businesses and operations that otherwise might never have been known. We create predictive insights that help industrial companies modernize faster.

Ready, Set, Predict


Automated data profiling speeds data preparation all while providing a fast and scalable way to work with more data across diverse data sources.


Identify patterns and correlations hidden deep within your data while data models continuously retrain themselves, creating deeper insights with every new data point.


Shift from historical reports that tell you why something happened to predictive insights that prevent failures, optimize factory floors and foresee energy demand.



Partnering for more
powerful solutions

The Industrial Internet of Things brings with it a mix of devices, operating systems, IoT platforms and communication technologies. Dat-uh partners with a variety of Industrial IoT solution providers that help accelerate benefits our clients.


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Modernize your business faster with one solution that works with all of your data and quickly gives you new and predictive insight into your business and operations.